What does ZX-27 bring?

zubna proteza- replacement of "dental abutments" by ZX-27 glass
- possibility to get rid of dentures
- possibility to make bridges.

New replacement for "pillar teeth"

ZX-27 is a special system of glass abutments used as a new replacement for "pillar teeth" required for application of bridges. Until introduction of the ZX-27 technology bridges were only used with patients with retained abutment teeth, i.e. healthy teeth to support a denture itself.

If you miss healthy abutment teeth, you can use neither a bridge nor a denture. ZX-27 has solved the problem of patients who miss abutment teeth. Today they can have fully functional bridges, but NEED NOT have dentures.

Earlier, unless you had at least several healthy abutments, you simply could not get a denture or a bridge. However, thanks to the ZX-27 technology numerous persons do not have this problem any more.

The ZX-27 technology is new in Croatia, but not in our dental studio. We have acquired the ZX-27 technology as the first practice in Croatia and applied it successfully on more than 150 satisfied patients.

ZX-27 Work method

- fabrication of a special glass element
- adherence of the glass to alveolar arch
- abutment treatment.

The ZX-27 technology is based on application of a new material in dentistry – ZX-27 glass. So far glass has not been used in dentistry due to its mechanical properties. Common glass is not resistant to acid and alkaline surroundings of the tooth cavity and mechanical loads suffered by teeth when biting are too high.

Common glass contains barium and lead harmful for human health. ZX-27 glass is a specially fabricated dental glass with characteristics that ensure its successful application. The melting temperature is 1560-1600°C and its pressure strength 120-150 Mpa/kp/mm. This glass is resistant to acid and alkaline media, such as saliva.